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October 2, 2017
October 2, 2017


At HiemCo, our aim is to offer the highest level of service to both our buyers and sellers in order to enhance relationships. To earn the trust as we become an integrated member of their supply chain. We do this at HiemCo through information exchange and price updates so that each member of the supply chain is well informed in order to make timely decisions. Our superior wide-spread network of associates provides both buyers and sellers the ability to receive market intelligence from global markets in order to analyze and execute the most informed, cost effective and efficient business decisions. As a global source of supply and demand, HiemCo is able to provide offers and bids to our clients in either procurement or sales providing them year-round options in an increasingly competitive global origination market.

Hiem Ventures Ltd

Year : 2017
Category : Agricultural
Location : Canada
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